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Build an amazing candidate experience

What we do:


We help you create an application experience that attracts and engages Generation Z. We eliminate the need for CVs and cover letters, and build a challenge specific to the role you are hiring for. We use industry best practices for competency assessment and customization based on what you want to assess.

How we do it:

We take a three step process where we:

1) Analyze role attributes, by using best-in-class industry measurements for the role you are hiring for and meeting with your team to understand the specifics you need.

2) Build a customized challenge, that takes into account everything we learn so that you can have a unique and engaging applicant experience. We can build the first version within 72 hours, and have it up and running soon after! Once you love the challenge, we launch it for you.

3) Find the best talent, as we provide you with a shortlist of qualified candidates, relevant data on applicants and performance-based interview questions. You increase diversity, fairness and reduce bias in your selection process, all while saving time!



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